Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cause I'm beautiful anyway.

So after a little break I am back at it. Here's to more writing my face off.

Day 8- "Things you wish your mother would've told you about body image."

Oh body image. Dear sweet body image. It's been a struggle. I think it is for most, if not all, women. Is there anything anyone can say? Or is it just a thing you have to find within yourself? Confidence....and all that. I don't know. It was never a thing my mom talked to me about. My guess is that it's not even a thing that ever even occurred to her. But what do I wish she would've said to me???

Nothing. I didn't need to hear anything said TO ME. I needed to see it. I needed to be surrounded by confident women who weren't always dieting and complaining about their weight. Ideally, anyway. I mean, that's not what I got, and I'm okay. I was never made to feel less than by anyone in my family. I was never told I was fat. I was never told anything. But I also didn't have in strong, healthy examples of confident body image. It was the 80's. I'm not sure if there were examples of such things. I just know if I ever have a daughter, I won't just tell her...I'll show her. I value words. I love words. I understand the importance of words. But some things just have to be seen.

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